A History of the Clearwater Dental Practice

The first dental practice in Clearwater was started by Dr. Wise in 1928 in a small, two room office. In 1963, he was joined by Dr. Higgins, who had spent his teen years in Clearwater and was freshly graduated from UMKC’s School of Dentistry.

After considering a move to Corpus Christi, TX to open a new practice, Dr. Wise’s untimely passing in 1964 convinced Dr. Higgins to take over the practice and stay in Clearwater.

In 1970, the office moved to its current location of 136 N. Gorin, the site of Dr Schupp’s former office, who had moved his medical practice to Wichita. In 1980, Dr. Higgins oversaw an expansion of the office, more than doubling the space of the original building.

In 1990, Dr. Frisch joined the practice and worked side by side with her father for the next 32 years. In July 2021, Dr. Higgins retired after 58 years of serving patients.

Our office is currently undergoing renovation to return to it’s mid-century roots. You’ll be amazed at the changes we’ve made.